Valine - A fast, simple & powerful comment system.

For some reason, the src directory will be suspended from updating after v1.4.0.

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Valine was born in August 7, 2017. It’s a fast, simple & efficient Leancloud based no back end comment system.

Theoretically, but not limited to static blog. Hexo, Jekyll, Typecho, Hugo, Ghost, Docsify and other blog or document programs are currently using Valine.


  • Emoji 😉
  • High speed.
  • Safe by default.
  • No server-side implementation.
  • Support for full markdown syntax.
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Article reading statistics v1.2.0+


Valine is still in the development phase. Here are some features that are not currently supported but are already planned:

  • Firebase-based comment store
  • And more…

If you are enjoying this app, please consider making a donation to keep it alive, I will try my best to dedicate more time or even full time to work on it. 😉

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If you are not available for this, simply spreading the word for us would help too!

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