Quick start

Get APP_ID and APP_Key

Click here to register or login in leancloud.
Click here Create new application in Leancloud, and you will get APP ID/APP Key.

HTML structure

Please include the following HTML code in the appropriate location on the article page that requires the comment box:

    <script src="//cdn1.lncld.net/static/js/3.0.4/av-min.js"></script>
    <script src='//unpkg.com/valine/dist/Valine.min.js'></script>
    <div id="vcomment"></div>
        new Valine({
            el: '#vcomment' ,
            appId: 'Your appId',
            appKey: 'Your appKey'


Valine has been released to npm and can be installed directly by command:

# Install valine
npm install valine --save

// Use import
import Valine from 'valine';
// or Use require
const Valine = require('valine');

new Valine({
    // other config

See the Config for more details.

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