Change Log

v1.3.6, 2019-04-01

  • F Fix Code Highlighting Failure Bug
  • F Fix Bug by @sxyugao that previously failed to use Pjax and v1.3.5
  • F Fix the comment content by clicking @NickName and jumping to the new page Bug
  • F Other Bug fixes

v1.3.5, 2019-03-29

  • A Added privacy protection: remove sensitive (E-mail) data from the page
  • A Add recordIP attribute (Boolean): Add IP statistics by @Showfom #160
  • U Some style modifications
  • U Code logic optimization

v1.3.4, 2018-11-24

  • F Fix xss security vulnerabilities in img.
  • F Fix xss security vulnerabilities in embed.
  • F Fix bug that comment box content does not restore.

v1.3.3, 2018-09-26

  • F Fix bugs that can customize CSS

v1.3.1, 2018-09-03

  • A Added avatarForce field, force update avatar every time you visit
  • F Fix bug that comment box does not reset after submitting a comment

v1.3.0, 2018-07-29

  • A Added pid field
  • A Added at anchor positioning
  • U Filters out HTML elements such as iframe
  • F BUG fix

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